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  • Inside Diameter - 1"
  • 4' FT Long Stick
  • UL Listed, File E536025
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Please Note: Our Diameters for Heat Shrink Tubing are measured as ROUND TUBE, NOT FLAT.
  • Shrink ratio: 75% or more in the radial direction, 50% or less in the axial direction
  • Continuous operating temperature: -55°C (-67°F) to 135°C (275°F)
  • Flammability: UL VW-1, CSA OFT (except clear)
  • High resistance to abrasion, chemicals and oils
  • Please be advised: All 4’ long sticks are shipped Folded to avoid costly "oversized shipping" fees for the customer. If you require your HS stick to ship un-folded please contact us

Kable Kontrol® 4:1 - 1" Inside Diameter over-expanded polyolefin heat shrink tubing is flexible, flame-retardant, and used for specialty applications that include cable jacket retrofitting and repair, as well as the electrical insulation of wire assemblies with oversize components or connectors. The over-expanded product fits easily over the end of a connector and shrinks down to 25% of its original diameter to fit snugly over both the connector and any narrower attached wires.