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Cyclone Hydraulic Hose Wrap Spiral Tubing

  • MSHA Certified
  • UV Resistant
  • Manufactured From HDPE for Ultimate Protection Against Abrasion & Crushing Damage
  • Resists All Hydraulic Fluids Including Glycol & Phosphate ester
  • Rounded Edges For Reduced Risk of Exposed Sharp Edges
  • Operating Temperature Range (-40°F to 280°F)
  • Developed to Increase The Service Life of Hydraulic Hoses
  • Wide Range of sizes Fits Most Hose Diameters

Cyclone Heavy Duty HDPE hydraulic hose wrap spiral Tubing helps protect your investment from damage and wear. HDPE hydraulic hose wrap is ideal for heavy-duty bundling and hydraulic hose protection. As the name suggests Cyclone® Heavy Duty Spiral Wrap is an HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) protective spiral hose wrap designed specifically for heavy-duty bundling and protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses used across various industries. It serves as a cost-effective and quick method for minimizing heavy production losses. Cyclone® hydraulic hose spiral wrap protects against production losses and damage caused by depreciation, abrasion, regular misuse, poor maintenance, or severe working environments. HDPE Heavy Duty Spiral Wrap is available in a wide range of dimensions and fits.

MSHA Certified

Technical Specifications 

Part Number Nominal OD (mm/inch) Nominal ID (mm/inch) Wall Thickness (mm/inch) Pitch (mm/Inch) Feet/Box
HGPW-12-165 12mm/0.47" 9mm/0.35" 1.5mm/0.059" 10mm/0.39" 165'
HGPW-16-165 16mm/0.63" 12.6mm/0.50" 1.7mm/0.067" 12mm/0.47" 165'
HGPW-20-66* 20mm/0.79" 16mm/0.63" 2mm/0.079" 16mm/0.63" 66'
HGPW-20-165 20mm/0.79" 16mm/0.63" 2mm/0.079" 16mm/0.63" 165'
HGPW-25-66* 25mm/0.98" 20.6mm/0.81" 2.2mm/0.087" 20mm/0.79" 66'
HGPW-25-165 25mm/0.98" 20.6mm/0.81" 2.2mm/0.087" 20mm/0.79" 165'
HGPW-32-66* 32mm/1.26" 27mm/1.06" 2.5mm/0.098" 22mm/0.87" 66'
HGPW-32-165 32mm/1.26" 27mm/1.06" 2.5mm/0.098" 22mm/0.87" 165'
HGPW-40-66* 40mm/1.57" 34.6mm/1.36" 2.7mm/0.106" 27mm/1.06" 66'
HGPW-40-165 40mm/1.57" 34.6mm/1.36" 2.7mm/0.106" 27mm/1.06" 165'
HGPW-50-66* 50mm/1.97" 44mm/1.73" 3.0mm/0.118" 30mm/1.18" 66'
HGPW-63-66* 63mm/2.48" 55.4mm/2.18" 3.8mm/0.150" 37mm/1.46" 66'
HGPW-75-66* 75mm/2.95" 67mm/2.64" 4.0mm/0.157" 42mm/1.65" 66'
HGPW-90-66* 90mm/3.54" 80mm/3.15" 5.0mm/0.197" 45mm/1.77" 66'
HGPW-110-40* 110mm/4.33" 99mm/3.90" 5.5mm/0.220" 50mm/1.97" 40'
HGPW-125-40* 125mm/4.92" 113mm/4.45" 6.0mm/0.240" 55mm/2.17" 40'

*Available in Black or Yellow

Testing Data 

Properties Unit Testing Method Thai-zex Advance 8100MB
Melt Flow Rate @ 2.16kg. 190ºC g/10 Min. ASTM D1238 0.03
Melt Flow Rate @ 21.6kg. 190ºC g/10 Min. ASTM D1238 6
Density @ 23ºC g/cm3 ASTM D1505 0.962
Tensile Strength @ Yield kg/cm2 ASTM D638 230
Tensile Strength @ Break kg/cm2 ASTM D638 360
Elongation @ Break % ASTM D638 780
Stiffness (Olsen) kg/cm2 ASTM D747 8500
Izod Impact Strength (With Notch) ASTM D256 45 (NB)
MRS MPa ISO/TR 9080 10
Classification - ISO 12162 PE100
ESCR (F50) Hours ASTM D1693 >2000
Carbon Black Content % ASTM D4218 >2.00