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  • Diameter - 1"
  • 100 Pcs Per Pack
  • Protects cables from shock, vibrations, and attritions
  • Vinyl-dipped metal is flame resistant and self-extinguishes
  • Secures cables together and mounts to most surfaces
  • Zinc-plated steel clamp
  • 1/4” Mount hole, 1/2” metal width

Vinyl coated Steel Cable Clamps are beneficial in many ways. Its’ coated surface is easy to clean and fingerprint resistant. It does not restrict the flexibility of the clamp itself in any way. Vinyl coating provides temperature protection to the cables it secures, as well as limits sounds of cord vibrations or rattling. The clamp itself is fabricated out of zinc-coated steel. Zinc plating is great for any project where a secure mounting is imperative. Zinc is compatible with solder materials, thus after mounting the clamp with a screw, soldering it to the surface is an option