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  • 1/4" Inside Diameter
  • Color - Black
  • Length - 28000' Long
  • Manufactured from Nylon 6 Copolymer Resin & UV Inhibitor
  • All UV resistant high-temperature split loom is distinctly marked with an orange stripe running the entire length
  • Temperature Range -40ºF to 300F (-40ºC to 149ºC) 
  • Slit Wire Looms Allows For Easy And Quick Installation 
  • Tested to the equivalent of 3000 hours in the desert sun
  • UV inhibitor protects against discoloration and fading
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors, and also in sunlight
  • Compliant with RoHS, REACH Directive and the Conflict Minerals Initiative

Kable Kontrol Split UV resistant Nylon Wire Loom Tubing 1/4" Inside Diameter is a high-temperature cable sleeving with an added UV stabilizer that protects wires, and cables against abrasion or crushing, and has a heat resistance range up to 300° F. The material with UV stabilizer has been tested to the equivalent of 3000 hours in the desert sun. Flexible convoluted tubing / conduit manufactured from a nylon 6 co-polymer resin and UV Inhibitor. Nylon (NU) Conduit is black with an orange stripe.