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The Kable Kontrol® Aluminum Cable Hider Cord Covers provide are professional and sophisticated aesthetic to floor wire management. These metal cord covers are designed with a low profile to eliminate tripping hazards and protection for cables as well as individuals walking over cords. The aluminum wire hider lid is made of solid aluminum while the base is PVC. Wire Hiders can be applied on floors, ceilings, and walls without messing up the aesthetics in a room Compared to other similar products, Wire Hider cord covers are the only one with a full rounded profile that not only protects cables effectively but is also very safe to use in areas where there is frequent pedestrian traffic. It greatly reduces potential trip hazards and provides easy roll-over for small carts. This product is very stylish and keeps the room neat and tidy. 
It comes with a pre-applied adhesive backing for easier installation and setup. Ideal to use for homes, theaters, offices, or any environment that requires bundling and concealing messy wires, cords, and cables. Color matching is not a problem with this product because they are available in universal colors of Black and dark oak and aluminum.