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Round Plastic Desk Grommets - Oval Bottom

SKU GR9201
  • Conveniently Route Cables & Power Through Your Home or Office Desk
  • Broad, Round Face Will Withstand Wear
  • Oval Bottom Keeps Grommet Secure Within Cut-Hole
  • Attractive Black Plastic Body Is Discreet
  • Removable Lid For Cable Maintenance

Home or office desks can all too easily fall into disorganized havoc due to the many tangles of cables and wires clumping up valuable work space. Regardless if they are computer cables, speakers, internet or phone lines, to be faced with messy nests of cords is unattractive and detrimental to work. But with the Oval Bottom Desk Grommet, you will find that you are able to route your cables easily and effectively through your desk, managing and containing the cords and saving you space.

Technical Specifications

Part Number Hole size Surface Dimensions Depth
GR9201 2.25" by 3.75" 4 1/8", Width 4 1/8" 1”